The National Covid-19 


Covid Safecorps is a non-profit organization. 100% volunteer-based. We started back in April 2020 helping people affected by Covid-19 by offering free local services. 

Our mission has evolved to creating a national digital memorial. We help honor and tell the stories of millions of people killed during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can also learn about the heroic efforts of front-line workers and the long term effects of people who had Covid-19.

When the pandemic is over, we hope to have a global directory of names that you can search to hear stories told by the family and friends of those who passed away. We will also pay respect to the people who work tirelessly to help fight against the pandemic from doctors to cashiers.


If you are a:

- Family member/close friend of a person who passed away due to Covid-19.
- Front-line worker i.e. doctors, uber drivers, cashiers, ems, etc.
- Person who recovered from Covid-19.

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