About Us

We help connect people that can't leave their homes (elderly, pregnant, immunocompromised, etc) due to COVID-19 with local volunteers who provide basic shopping assistance for essential items.

We care about you!

Covid Safe Corps is a non-profit organization based out of Orlando, Florida. We hope to expand service to all US territories. We are 100% volunteer-based and welcome other volunteers to join.

Our goal is to help anyone in the US that needs help because they are elderly, pregnant, or have a pre-existing condition that makes them a higher risk for severe illness. We also offer limited support to help people experiencing hardship in regards to buying essential items on a case by case basis.

We are a temporary non-profit organization with pending 501 C (3) status designed to help during the pandemic. When life returns to normal, we will reassess what kind of support (if any) we can offer post-COVID-19. 

Here is a link to the state website to verify our non-profit status

You can also support us by liking our social media pages or donating to the cause! 

100% Volunteer-Based Team

Meet normal people doing extraordinary things!

Anthony Sosa

Founder / Technology

Haley Fox

Founder / Operations

Andrew Hohman

Lead Marketing Nerd

Judith Sosa


Janaye Carreon

Marketing Nerd

Ed Mc Donald


Emerie Elexia

Volunteer Manager

Pamela Fox

Infectious Disease
Control Nurse

Isabella Angjelo

Signup Volunteer Coordinator 

Amy Schafer

Driver Dispatch Coordinator 

Jenn Ratcliff

Community Relations

Shawn Fitzpatrick

Live Chat Coordinator

And a BIG THANK YOU to the thousands of volunteers who risk their safety to help others! 


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7914 Jubilee Park Blvd
Orlando Fl, 32822 USA


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Phone: 407-923-0431