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Being a delivery volunteer!

This role is at the heart of everything we do. Getting local volunteers out to stores and delivering critical and essential items to people's homes is made easy by Onfleet - our delivery logistics specialist, which provides our volunteers with an easy to use app available on the Android & Apple app store.  

An easier way to deliver

Using the Onfleet app is a breeze. You get an easy to use app that is loaded with features like private chat & being able to call your recipient should you have any issues.

Dispatching people around the nation 

The Onfleet software allows us to quickly scale up into multiple cities around the nation - offering quick relief to hard-hit communities.

Safely track the status 

The Onfleet system offers a seamless high-quality customer experience! Know who is coming and when they are coming. Give your volunteer a rating & leave them some feedback to make sure everyone is being nice!

Things to remember!

ID & Background Check

We require our volunteers to complete a free background check which keeps both volunteers and the people needing help safe!

Have a government-issued photo ID ready. We may require additional information to verify your account.

Your role may require a car and a newer smartphone that can get app(s) from the app store.

The Dont's

We cannot accept anyone with a felony conviction or burglary charge.

We cannot accept anyone with a sex offense charge or someone who shows up on a sex offender list.

We cannot accept anyone with a domestic violence conviction or any complaints related to this.

We are looking for

Training Manager
Marketing Manager
State Coordinators
Fl - Volunteer Driver
Social Media - Manager
Public Relations - Manager
Payment Specialist - Manager
Live Chat Agent - Asst Manager
Driver Dispatcher - Asst Manager
Volunteer Signup - Asst Manager
Client Asst Team  - Asst Manager

You can see a description of each role during the application process.

Our team is here to help!

If you need any help filling out the application please use our Facebook livechat to get a help with a team member!

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