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There's something for everyone from leading teams, doing admin work from home to wanting to help in the front lines!

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Admin roles

Become an volunteer assistance coordinator

You help process new volunteer applicants ensuring the submitted form is filled out correctly and perform a background check. From time to time you may need to reach out to applicants for additional information.  

Become an client assistance coordinator

You help process new requests from high-risk individuals ensuring the submitted form is filled out correctly. From time to time you may need to reach out to applicants for additional information.  

Communication roles

Become a live-chat agent

You engage with people communicating directly on Facebook messenger. The FB messenger is also located on our website. We expect out chat agents to answer questions professionally and attempt to solve the matter. If the can't they will transfer the chat to another department that can better assist. 

Become a social media guru

You help post daily content using HootSuite to all of our social media channels. We expect at least one post per day. You also engage in brief conversations with people asking questions on social media platforms and redirecting the questions to the correct department.

Local volunteer roles

Become a buddy

You help people in your local community by being their "buddy". You offer to pick up medicine, groceries, hygiene, and paper products. You check up on them and calling, face timing, or playing virtual games.

Case worker roles

Become a match coordinator

You help connect local volunteers (called buddies) with the people needing help. You officially introduce the two parties and periodically monitor the progress between them. You also act as a limited mediator if any disputes arise between the parties. ​

Leadership roles

Shape the future.

This is a list of available leadership roles:​

Marketing Manager
Operations Manager
Fundraising Manager
Social Media - Manager
Public Relations - Manager
Training - Assistant Manager
Live Chat Agent - Assistant Manager
Client Assistance - Assistant Manager
Match Assistance - Assistant Manager
Volunteer Assistance - Assistant Manager

Be someones buddy!

The role of being a buddy is at the heart of everything we do.  We help connect you with high-risk people in your local area. To offer them free basic shopping assistance and virtual companionship like chatting or playing games.

Things to remember before appling for a role!

ID & Background Check

We require our volunteers to complete a free background check which keeps both volunteers and the people needing help safe!

Have a government-issued photo ID ready. We may require additional information to verify your account.

Your role may require a car.

The Dont's

We cannot accept anyone with a felony conviction or burglary charge.

We cannot accept anyone with a sex offense charge or someone who shows up on a sex offender list.

We cannot accept anyone with a domestic violence conviction or any complaints related to this.

Easy Signup Steps


Complete Background Check


Start Basic 101 Training


Enjoy Helping Others

Our team is here to help!

Our team is here to help you with any volunteer questions or issues you are having. Click here or the FB icon for help!

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